#2302506, By Cuke Enchanted Arms and Oblivion question

  • Cuke 30 May 2007 10:43:15 79 posts
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    With Big Brother starting tonight meaning the big TV is pretty much off limits for a large part of the next however many weeks every evening I've taken the drastic action of setting up a second TV in the lounge so I can play the 360 while the girl friend kills her brain cells in front of BB...

    The flaw in the system as I discovered last night when I tested it all out is that my second TV doesn't support 60htz rendering some of my 360 collection unusable. I was thinking of getting either Enchanted Arms or Oblivion as they both offer a BB length experience and I fancy a RPG, so my question, eventually, is does anyone know if either of them support 50htz or not? Or can anyone recommend any other 360 RPG that does?

    Ta muchly.... :)
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