#2264916, By Vantre MMO addiction and Violence in games.

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    dobbie wrote:
    The use of games, drugs, and high-calory abundant food, therefore now often result in a mismatch of short-term and long-term stimuli. Short term, the use of high-calory food (for instance) results in a strong positive sensation, while long-term, it can lead to severe angst. (Because you have now become an unattractive, fat blob)

    This is something I've been mulling over lately. I'm inclined to go a step beyond this & say that some aspects of the structure of MMOs could be detrimental to some parts of the thought process.

    If you imagine doing any mundane, repetitive chore like stacking shelves or photocopying a document for a long time, then your mind can either fly off with your imagination somewhere or start to shut down a bit as you get hypnotised by this repetitive task.

    I think some aspects of a game like WoW can be like this, but worse - click kill, click kill for hours & hours on end and i'm sure some cognitive abilities will be shutting down (or at least taking a back seat). Now there are lots of socialising aspects to MMOs and other gameplay parts that can stimulate the mind - the point is though i'm sure some people will have a tendency to get into that repetitive, grinding cycle - and that short term stimuli may start to take over whilst other more complexes though processes decide they're not needed.

    I've got no psychological training to put any of this into the correct terms but it definitely strikes me as something which could be problematic for some people. I always hated people who suggested that too much gaming was bad for you when I was younger - I never agreed, but looking at the structure of MMOs now, I do think there may be something different in them which could actually be somewhat detrimental.
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