#5740074, By Heavy Rain

  • Deleted user 22 January 2010 12:50:07
    Thanks for the replies guys - the first reasonable arguments I've heard on it.

    If it really turns out this can be done and is more involving that both games and film then great. Personally, I don't see this as being of value any more than you might want to stop a film every five minutes and be asked minor details about which way you want the story to go in. When there's a story to be told, why partially decide the journey for yourself when it's so much more entertaining to be taken there willingly?

    Duckman - the thing is, I don't think getting games to that level of 'realism' would make them games anymore. It makes them life simulations - but the point is that life doesn't always have particularly interesting stories. That's why choosing well defined ones to single out make them so much more worth taking in.

    The more restrictions you put on a story, the better it makes the story but the less interesting it makes the gameplay. The less restrictions you put on gameplay, the more it waters down the story.

    I'm genuinely looking forward to the reviews. I can admit when I'm wrong. Not everyone can.
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