#5739614, By Heavy Rain

  • Deleted user 22 January 2010 11:21:59
    Progguitarist wrote:
    Widge wrote:
    What point not to get? Its an adventure game with a detective thriller theme.

    He's been saying the same shit over and over now for months in every Heavy Rain thread/video/hands on. Clearly we are deluded in some way to be looking forward to it. It cannot possibly be good or have any worth because this is how he perceives it. We are all defensive. He doesn't understand subjectivity, difference of opinion or taste. There is only opinion, and if doesn't match his notion of what the game *might* be...well, get fucked basically.

    I don't understand difference of opinion or taste? This when I'd just said a few posts earlier "if you like the idea of this, then by all means buy it and enjoy."

    Life must be a constant surprise for you not having to follow any kind of logic or make sense of things.
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