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    OK so I saw this poster up in my local PC world.

    a PS3 game for £9.97 and what's more the box has no price! Possible bargain? I took it up to the guy and pointed out that it wasn't priced and asked if he could scan it....surprise surprise it is actually £49.99.

    Now I'm not totally idiotic, the poster says "From only £9.97" but I pointed out anyway that the box lacked a price and it was pictured on the poster next to a big £9.97 price. Misleading I would say but whatever....worth a try eh?

    What annoyed was the shitty little PC World ginger chav's reply was "hahahahaha it says FROM." This was the answer I expected but perhaps sans the laughing in my face bit.

    OK so a little pissed off, I put the game back and notice this poster next to it.

    Dino Crisis "From only £2.97" but hang on a second, hanging my head in shame for realising I'm actually in PC World at all, I see that Dino Crisis is infact only £1.97 - proof here

    So my point is, PC world seem to be moving the goalposts as to what "From only" actually means - with NBA PS3 Fuckacourt Jam LIVE or whatever you need to expect to pay A LOT more but with Dino Crisis "From only" doesn't mean that at all.

    OK this was long and probably rather pointless but that ginger fuckwit pissed me off...perhaps I should have pushed and I would have got Fuckacourt JAM LIVE for £9.97 or perhaps I should have demand to have paid £1 extra and got Dino Crisis while keeping in line with PC World's hazey definition of "From only"


    *Seems PC World are almost as shitty as my linking skills.

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