#9533517, By Depression

  • Deleted user 27 April 2013 22:03:41
    I'm doing a little better now. I sort of broke down to the friend i have feelings for on the phone the other night and it was rather cathartic. She sort of knew and she was very understanding without pandering to me just to shut me up. I needed that.

    I've started looking at things a little differently now and i realise that jealousy is the main thing that leads to me getting depressed. I'm slowly letting it go because i honestly can't change the world just by being pissed off/sad about what other people have. I'm going to be the best friend i can to her because i realised that it gives me a good deal of peace and it's calms me down immensely. Nothing will change that.

    I hope this isn't just another up before another crashing down. It feels different this time. I feel "free" in my mind for the first time in a long time. I'm still a little bit at a loose end but i think that will fix itself in time once i get right with myself.

    I love that i barely post about gaming here anymore :D Also, this thread displays all fucked up. a couple of pages of posts just popped into existence when i posted :/

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