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    Cadence wrote:
    Eyeland is right unfortunately. It was difficult for me to accept too, but after a couple of nights drinking I'd get the fear. The alcohol does seem to interfere with the citalopram's effectiveness that's for sure. I still drink occasionally but at the start I was drinking a lot, perhaps that's one reason I found they took a month or two to work properly for me.
    I've been ill with a virus for a couple of weeks, so I don't know what's the tablets and what's the virus.
    But I had 3 beers today, and started coughing tonight then had to throw up uncontrollably. Fucking crazy
    My vision is a bit funky afterwards. Can't be the beers, 3 beers wouldn't have any effect on me.

    Think I seriously need to quit the alcohol.
    Turned out I had whooping cough!

    Worried about these tablets though - the last few days I've woken up I've been ridiculously depressed - proper immobilizing stuff. Don't want to get up, don't want to bother even trying to talk to people etc.
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