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    ChrisBen wrote:
    You see, I didn't think they were forgiveable at all. I think that's why I was so apathetic about SoT. Every time another bunch of fuck-off annoying sand monsters appeared, my heart just sank, and my appreciation of the game took yet another battering.

    I know so many people who felt the same way about it, the major problem was that the game did such a piss-poor job of explaining the combat mechanics. Nearly all the enemies could be insta-killed in two moves if you used the sword AND the dagger together (e.g. vault over an enemy, sword slice and follow-up stab with the dagger).

    Many of the enemies were even colour-coded to show which moves would and wouldn't work against them, for example red enemies would always throw you down if you tried to vault over them.

    Was any of this ever indicated in the game, in a manual or tutorial? Of course not. Instead we got the sequel with its redesigned enemies that had to be hit two dozen times to kill, and the inclusion of about a million utterly pointless combos masquerading as a 'free-form' fighting engine.
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