#2046850, By bystander God of War - Challenge of the Gods

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    Lutz wrote:
    I could never do the Medusa and Soldier challenge, about challenge 8.

    I would, enevitably, jump and get petrified. Smash go Kratos. :(

    What I did was evade a lot and use L1 + O to try and knock them off the edge. It's still tricky but it finished the fight faster than other tactics I used (it does feel like it goes on and on though.)

    If I was felt like I was about to be petrified in the air let go of the O button (I'm only ever in the air to do the L1 + O move) to bring Kratos to the ground. Alternatively you could use R1 whilst you are in the air to bring yourself to the ground quickly.
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