#2001949, By djchump It's here.... the first wii mod chip!

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    ecureuil wrote:
    djchump wrote:
    Just because you *think* something is expensive, doesn't give you the right to steal it.
    Whenever I pirate something it's through greed, pure and simple, and I won't try and make any bullshit excuses for doing it.
    It's not a legitimate excuse, but reduced prices may help. I downloaded Photoshop, it costs £500 to buy. Is that really so bad?...
    Yes - you do so out of greed. There are cheaper version of photoshop - e.g. Photoshop Elements (£60, you can even get old versions of it for £12 off Amazon).

    I used to see a lot of this kind of ignorance and arrogance on the computer music forum I used to hang about on - n00bs would insist that they needed the top-of-the-range software like Nuendo (£1000 worth of pro media production software) or Cubase SX (£500) to make music, because the more affordable packages somehow "weren't good enough" for them.

    But the guys who *really* lose out are the ones who make other more affordable software - like FL Studio etc.
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