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    Alright dudes. Just got an iPhone gifted to me from my old man. I have in turn gifted it to the other half as I have no use for it. Now, I've never owned an iPhone before so I have a potentially dumb question, so please excuse me.

    I put my SIM in the iPhone when my dad was here to see if it was unlocked, as we weren't sure if it was. He bought it from the Apple store on 3, and my sim is on T-Mobile. So I did, and made a call, and it went through, although a little message popped up saying activation required. So yay, I assumed it was unlocked. Now, I've just done a factory reset on it using the Mrs' laptop, and it says it wants activating before it will do anything. I've ordered a new microsim for her since she only has an old school fat sim, but it's not going to arrive for a couple of days. So does activating the phone register it against a particular sim? Basically what I'm asking is can I just stick my sim in now, activate, get to the main screen and then stick her sim in when it arrives? Or will that screw everything up? What the hell is activation? Will activating even work? Will it tell me I'm a stinking thief and send the Apple hitsquad in to return the phone to my dad?

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