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    deem wrote:
    PondScum wrote:
    My 2p.



    Read it again:

    polar wrote:
    It's not rumour. MS released a press statement about it.

    There is no 'old', there is no glee, and I certainly don't see any one-up-man-ship.

    I think I know the kind of response you're referring to, but this certainly isn't one. It's just a very basic, to the point comment.

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    OK - let me explain why it annoyed me so much. I don't post very often, but when I do I do so for a reason. I realise that everyone says this, but I do have a coupole of mates in the industry that tell me things. So for example, two of my postings :

    1. Xbox 360 pricing before it was released. Check with Lutz.
    2. PS3 being delayed in Europe till March (which I got mercilessly flamed for - although to be fair I got a couple of apologies when it turned out to be true)

    So my mate tells me he has seen this press release, doesn't know if it's still embargoed or not. Sounds interesting, so easiest way for me to tell people without getting into trouble is to say "rumour has it". It then felt Polar's response was patronising becuase I already knew trhere was a press release. Appreciated, he wouldn't know that. Think of it as a hissy fit if you like, but I do still feel he could have chosen his words more carefully.

    Fine, it's old (although I was confirming it was an offer in the UK too), but I have to say it does make you think twice about posting information you have. Maybe you think I'm being too sensitive, but I felt I was trying to be helpful.
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