#1961046, By The-Storm Got a Mac Mini!

  • The-Storm 12 Jan 2007 13:43:44 327 posts
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    Sorry to hijack this thread but maybe you guys can advise me.

    I'm seriously considering buying a Mac Mini.

    I want something which will allow me to "grab" Audio & Video from my DVD, VHS and SKY to transfer to PC which is on the other side of the house.
    My requirement is to have a very small media device that will
    sit under my living room Telly.
    This will be as an interface to media stored on PC

    What do you think of the mac mini. for this purpose? It's very small and fits nicely with my setup, I could dual boot it with MAC O/S & Windows XP and network it. It won't really be used for computer intensive things, just a super douper media hub, and casual use eg email.

    If this does serve my requirment how much should I spend?
    The cost quite easily "ramps" from Ł500 to Ł1000 quite easily.
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