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    Salaman wrote:
    Hmmm A Nuka cola quantum question.

    I have schematic for a the super duper grenades and made a few until someone here pointed out it might be better to hold onto cola quantums as they become useful later on.

    I now found the nuka cola nutter lady in girder something.

    She'll give me monies for cola quantum or her boyfriend will pay me double.
    The girl will give me another grenade schematic, so I'll be able to make slightly better grenades.

    I assume this is the bit I've been holding out for but the money seems hardly worth it and I'm not sure if the second schematic is worth it.
    If I have 30 bottles I can make 30 grenades which each do 300-some damage.
    Give them away and I can make 0 grenades with 300-something + 10% or so damage.

    I'm a bit conflicted. Or is there something else to be done with the glowy cola bottles?
    two schematics don't give extra damage it gives you two grenades instead of one from one bottle three gives you three grenades per bottle and so on.
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