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    Bill Door wrote:
    style wrote:
    Now, I don't know what calendar you learned in school, but I tend not to see February, March April as being 'summer'. They're Spring in my language. No, when I say summer, I mean May, June, July basically. Maybe August as well, if it's an Indian summer.


    Looking at stats to back up my wild assertions:

    Feb is usually the coldest month, I've always cast February as winter.

    August is often the hottest month, if it stays very warm into mid/late September or October I would call that an Indian Summer.

    Spring: March April May
    Summer: June July August
    Autumn: September October November
    Winter December January February.

    Heck, we haven't even put the central heating on yet.


    I certainly wouldn't have November as being Autumn. No chance. Hell, Christmas lights are up then! I'll give you Spring and Summer. Winter looks okay... Basically, I would agree with you, except that I'd yank November into Winter where it belongs, and split the difference of August between being both a Summer and an Autumn month. If such luxuries are permitted, of course.

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