#9326227, By Tuffty Max Payne 3 Official Thread of Slow Motion Awesomeness

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    Brilliant game to play, I still pop it in now and again just to shoot dudes like with the MP1 & 2. The setpiece moments are really fantastic like the nightclub and shooting the chain to pull you up. Story was fine, just some things really stood out that goes against the story/character. For example, Max just lets Serrano go? He's a scumbag who you're up against for half the game, culminating to a point where he point blank executes an innocent woman in front of Max...yet Max does nothing to avenge her when given the opportunity. Despite the fact that earlier in the game, Max shot a guy in the face for so much as hitting a woman around the face! Yeh let Serrano have his moment with the surgeon, but christ man, kill him when he's done! Or at least leave it up to the player as a choice on whether you let him live or die.
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