#9195045, By frugtkompot Max Payne 3 Official Thread of Slow Motion Awesomeness

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    The gunplay in this game is amazing, as it should be in a Max Payne game. It's also a good sign of things to come in Grand Theft Auto as Rockstar's notorious auto-aim system have always let their games down somewhat.

    I've played 4 chapters so far and my reactions are somewhat mixed. It controls nicely, but it seems bloody hard intentionally at times - even for early levels - and at other times it just feels a little uninspired in the level design. This is especially true for the Jersey chapter, which was quite a let down after the one at the stadium.

    I've also encountered multiple bugs already. Sort of strange for a game that's been out for so long and have had so many patches. I've begun buying games late to avoid all the on-release bugs, but looks like you can never be too sure...

    One thing I will say. Goddamn how I've missed just throwing myself out in the midst of a firefight in slow motion and shooting double-SMG's like a mad-man!
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