#141661, By darth_paul Edge vs GamesTM

  • darth_paul 4 Oct 2003 00:26:04 10 posts
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    hei, just wanted to ask the comunity what she thinks about Edge VS GamesTM...?

    Whichīs the best magazine? Edge or GamesTM???

    Iīm asking, because here where I live, they only sell Edge, but Iīve heard great things about a mag called GamesTM. I went to Paragonīs website (publisher of GamesTM) to see if they sell any backissues via their site, but no. so, before mailing my subscription to Edge, I would like to compare Edge with GamesTM.
    If anyone can provide me with an email adress where I can order some backissues, Iīd appreciate.
    I donīt know if there is one writen inside the mag; and donīt even know if they allow their readers to actually order backissues ????

    please answer,

    ps: anyone knows if where to get GAmesTM here in Portugal?
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