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    Kostabi wrote:
    SambaApe wrote:
    Found the volumes on Amazon.

    How does everyone read comics? Whilst I download 90% of my music and am a regular user of XBLA, I do not like Comixology or the panel view on Kindle. I much prefer the print versions of the few comics I have read so far. (Walking Dead, Green Lantern/Corps, Revival).

    P&P is a massive ball ache though cause I don't live near a Forbidden Planet.. :/
    I'm a bit like yourself in that I consume pretty everything digitally except comics. I love the idea of digital comics, but until they can work out a way to make 2 page spreads have the same impact as print I won't bother with it.

    All my purchases are trades these days as I just don't have the patience or space to collect individual issues. I've got boxes down in the basement but a shelf full of trades and hardbacks is so much more impressive to look at.
    One of the things I like most about The Walking Dead are the splash pages..
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