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    quadfather wrote:
    Thanks for the engy feedback.

    I have started reading and watching stuff, and now I always, and I mean always, put a teleporter entrance right outside the spawn (hopefully fairly hidden from incoming enemy fire) and then go along with the assault and try and put an exit down where it's hopefully going to be useful for everyone else.

    It's a big learning curve for me where to put the exits, but I generally try in not-so-obvious places to give it a bit more life.

    Even if it's not that far ahead, I still think it's better to have one that covers a medium distance as opposed to not having one at all.

    Then I normally get a dispenser about half way through the map, or wherever the fighting is (and obviously depending on the map and progress etc) and then I start to get an SG up.

    Now I just need to learn to juggle with repairing the damn things

    Was trying all this last night, but got completely spied to death loads

    Will keep trying, but will probably play soldier/scout/medic tonight as I'm more familiar and leave the experienced engineers to do the job more efficiently.

    You're at your most vulnerable when repairing/upgrading your sentry - I can remove you and your sentry in a couple of moves, so remain vigilant when you do this and don't trust anybody near your stuff.

    Try to put your stuff close to a wall as well and tuck yourself in when attending to it - I'll be unable to backstab you (usually) and if I do I'll lose my disguise and I won't have time to sap the sentry before it locates me. Never put stuff under ledges because I can drop down and do the business with little opposition.

    And when you do move your stuff remember to look around.

    Medics and engineers are priority targets for spies, but you'll soon develop a sense for them :).
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