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    Gentlemen, clearly the solution here is to restrict the heavy class to 0 ;)

    But really, holy shit are they powerful now, especially with the tomislav. Going sniper isn't really a great solution unless you're incredibly good with the class, especially when they're being overhealed, at which point they will laugh off your headshots (and their medic will be very difficult to hit). I miss the days before the heavy was buffed with decreased spin up/spin down and given the tomislav/natascha - those were the days when you could ambush them and do a good amount of damage before they could spin up. Now, unless the heavy is dumb, that doesn't really happen as they can instantly start shooting you.

    Whenever I join a game and I see that the other team has 2+ heavies and we have less than that or even none, I already know what the result of the game is going to be. Another weakness they used to have is their lack of mobility but they now have the GRU and Buffalo Steak Sandwich. It's as if Valve doesn't want them to have weaknesses at all.
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