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    blizeH wrote:
    Really struggled against Elvis on easy, think I'm gonna give up now as it's only going to get worse from here /o\

    Don't give up! I spent ages on the first level and almost a day on Elvis and didn't manage it after all. What I realized though was that this was because I had made the mistake of saving the game and going into the boss fight with not enough energy or orbs which made him impossible to beat. So I just restarted the game (didn't mind as it was so much fun and I was much better at it this time around) and played each part of the stage over and over again until I finished it with full energy and plenty of orbs. Then I saved and moved on to the next part. If you do that then you'll reach Elvis well equipped and he won't be that difficult to beat as long as you lower your level using the *Grovel* special move.

    And since you are wondering it strangely get easier from then on and that's not because the enemies are any easier but because you understand better how it all works...

    Just finished it a few hours ago actually. Took me 15 sessions and a total time of 14+ hours. Didn't use any continues though so it must have taken at least twice that...Don't remember the last time that I had so much fun though. And yes it was a difficult game but Viewtiful Joe for example was much, much harder. Maybe I was missing something...
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