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    shamblemonkee wrote:
    where does everyone get the idea that skipping the adverts means the broadcast company doesn't get the money? The company will have bought the advertising space already, so the broadcaster already has the money...

    .. only if evidence that a vast majority of people are watching in the record and then skip manner will the advertising start to possibly dry up as its perceived value goes down, in which case the broadcast company then doesnt get as much revenue and you'll likely see an increase in product placement instead.

    To be honest, in the case I'm talking about, if you watch every minute of the ads it won't make any difference unless you live in a Neilsen - the people who monitor US TV ratings - home.

    Advertising pricing is based on ratings and demographic breakdowns of those ratings. If a lot of people are watching or just a few high value viewers are watching, say Men aged 18-34, then the broadcaster can charge more.

    However, it's exactly that age group that are abandoning broadcast TV in droves. There's more competition for their eyeballs - we're talking about this on a site on the Internet about video games after all. As more broadcasters realise this the more they target other audiences which exacerbates the problem as those men aged 18-34 don't want to watch the reality TV and female-led dramas put on in the place of the shows they used to watch.

    They can reclaim some of that male attention by being much more innovative. Make shows immediately available globally via iTunes, remove the region protection on DVDs and Blu-Rays, make subscription services like Netflix and Hulu available abroad. It's all money that those 18-34 year old men have that they aren't willing to take just because those men are foreigners.

    @frod - Many HDMI devices already don't have component outputs because the market already decided that people don't want them. HDMIs advantage - that it's a simple, single cable that just works - was enough to convince people.
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