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  • Deleted user 4 December 2012 14:41:22
    I really like star trek, and really like the new film. I know quite a few others who feel the same way. I think its a bit unfair to label all trekkies hate the new film.

    Its seem the mini backlash against the last film , as come off the back of the slating of promethous, The dark knight and skyfall. Nerd rage this year has been insanse.

    I thought the film was what the franchise needed. It was fun, involving, and great to watch, it was a blockbuster that ticked all my boxes. I'm not one for blockbusters as they are mostly garbage, but now and again one comes along that i really like, and ST was that.

    It had plenty of nods to pervious trek films and episodes, it looked great, sounded great, the characters were fantastic, it had enough tech gobbly gook to sound convincing, it had fan fare, but also on its own it stood up. It felt like star Trek. It did feel, this is what star wars should have been in places, but i rather much have this, than enterprise, and the last couple of Generations films.

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