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  • Moonbender 27 Jun 2003 13:35:40 407 posts
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    Just get a solid state memory MP3 player. They're quite cheap by now, you should be able to get one with say 128 MB internal plus a way to extend that using cards for about ?150. 64 MB ones go for less than ?100. They're just about as small and light-weight as it gets, they have no sound quality at all which is plenty for a portable player, they're often easy to connect to the PC - some are basically USB sticks.

    I'm also pretty sure you can acquire used 64 MB ones - though I'd personally not go for anything with less than 128 MB! - really really cheap.

    A solid state memory MP3 player isn't much of an investment, and doesn't require a whole lot of research; a new cell phone is and does.
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