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    Zomoniac wrote:
    I have a 50" Samsung C680 plasma, anything displayed on the screen for more than a minute or two will stick around for a while after it's gone. And the gloss screen makes it unwatchable in bright sunlight. I got it because I wanted something bigger than my old 42" 1080p Toshiba 3030D LCD, and I wanted 3D, but apart from the size, 3D and handy DLNA player feature, it's a much worse TV in every way. Is that just it being a shit TV or just my personal tastes not being suited to plasma?
    Reading a quick review of that set its noted it has issues with screen retention. It's a mid range Samsung plasma. I wouldn't say its shit but there are much better out there. Personally ive not had issues with retention from 9 years of plasma usage (film and gaming).

    Also, plasmas are generally better suited to dim living rooms rather than brightly lit areas.

    Review here.

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