#1001687, By Freylis WRC Rally Evolution/Evolved

  • Freylis 9 Nov 2005 09:07:03 995 posts
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I'm sorry some of you feel a bit miffed about the shorter stages, but we made a decision very early on to focus on fewer but more polished and memorable tracks. Obviously this isn't to everyone's taste, but then you should never try to please everyone anyway. I still believe it was the right decision, and in a perverse way its actually a good thing some of you are lamenting this fact - it means you're asking for more, and if the game was shit you'd be wanting less! :)

    Anyway, just another quick point about our launch party. We're holding this tomorrow night at Yorgio's in Manchester, and its an open invite. There's going to be plenty of food and drink, plus pods with the game running and an opportunity to talk to members of the team. There's a flyer for the event here, and if you're in and around the Manchester area, please head down and get involved.
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