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    kalel wrote:
    GingerMagician wrote:
    kalel wrote:
    Some of us have made no signings and didn't already have the fucking (second) best team in the world anyway...
    Which is exactly why I specified, "vis a vis our potential signings".

    Jesus, this is a football discussion thread isn't it?


    What's the problem? You're perfectly entitled to post your feelings on the subject, as I am to respond to them. If you don't want a responce, why post?

    Look, no offence, obviously we all support our teams in a bubble and Man U fans are understandably spoiled, but still, hardly panic stations is it?
    No offence taken. It's just that this thread seems to have taken a seriously ABU turn in recent months, which is one of the reasons I post here less frequently these days.

    Yes, yes call me a paranoid United fan all you want - and frankly I don't blame some of the more clued-up fans on here coming down hard on the numpties (United or otherwise) - but it seems genuine United fans aren't allowed to moan on here these days, for fear of being shouted down as "ungrateful twats" or something similar.

    All very tiresome, frankly.
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