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    Whizzo wrote:
    Furbs wrote:
    Hmmm Whizzo and myself seem to be almost the only people not having any problems and both of us reformated before installing. Maybe its a hidden requirement? :p
    Well I did have a problem with the screech crash until I put the beta Audigy 2 drivers on my Audigy based system, since then precisely zero crashes. The only very occasional thing is the framerate dies for no reason on map changes so I drop and restart.

    As promised a couple of screenshots, Yee & haa!. I converted the .pngs myself as the jpegs the game creates are very lossy yet aren't much smaller than these.

    It'd probably be nice if the game didn't compress in game as it slows the game right down.

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    Thats me! That jump is very cool. This game has that GTA feel you see a big jump or a tall bulding and think "cool, wonder if I can get up there?" I think the designers must have had a lot of fun putting the maps together. Good games last night. Best map is still the street fighting one.


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