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    So we learnt all about the policies of the Labour Party then, or was it just a points scoring exercise?

    It's the politics of personality. Paxman tried to trip him up, and as a result, everyone talks about how he was (or wasn't) tripped up. How useful of the BBC, how informative. Then they have the gall to carp on that politicians are failing us by being too focused on presentation. You see vox-pop interviews with the public all the time, saying 'I don't know where to get information, I don't know what the parties stand for.' The Radio One news is a prime example, they start EVERY 'One Vote' news section with a bunch of clips of people saying 'I don't know what the issues are.' It pisses me off. If the fucking BBC spent the time explaining the issues, rather than lamenting that people don't understand, we'ed all be better off.

    Fucking public service provider my arse, they're useless. Watch the news carefully. Every single political story is about Party strategy and the angle the politicians are playing. The one I was just watching was: have the Tories left the announcement of their fiscal proposals too late to affect public opinion. What the flying fuck??? If you told me what the proposals were, maybe I could make up my own mind. Just watch, I'm not joking, every single story is presented like that. It's fucking arse backwards, counter productive and a self-fufilling prophecy for the shallowing and dumbing down of political discourse.
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