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    The Last Of Us

    Beautiful and haunting would probably sum up my feelings. The graphics were superb, the voice acting was top notch and the gameplay was delivered with the confidence of a developer at the top of their game.

    Of course the story is what it's really all about and what a story, the ending in particular will really stay with me. I'm struggling to think of a zombie story in any medium that I liked as much, which is surprising given how over done the whole genre is.

    However I can't quite give it a ten out of ten because as much as the gameplay was great it was also nothing new. It was still shooting and sneaking like we've seen in hundreds of other games and while it was pulled off well there wasn't anything that unique about it. The endless swarms of enemies in some areas also felt a bit too video-gamey and lazy. So I have no choice but to give it a high 9/10
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