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    I've been a very busy boy recently:

    Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita)

    One of my favourite games gets a re-release on a handheld console with tonnes of new content. Looks better than ever and lost none of its charm, and the new content slots in seamlessly making it bigger and better than ever before.


    Far Cry 3 (PS3)

    Wasn't on my radar at all - picked up Far Cry 2 on the cheap years ago and didn't get on with it so had no intention of picking this up but the reviews and hype swayed me.

    Very happy I ended up getting it, ended up collecting the majority of side things and clocked in around 25 hours. Some superb watercooler moments as well, mostly to do with wild animals mauling the shit out of camps etc.


    The Walking Dead (PS3)

    Oddly, I wasn't even aware this game existed until a few weeks ago, no idea how I missed it. Bought it then but only got round to playing it on the 27th and finished yesterday by playing the last three episodes back to back.

    Not much more to say that hasn't already been said but easily in my top three for the year. Completely taken by surprise at how it all worked etc and just...wow.


    All in all I feel very lucky I played these three back to back - gaming has been very enjoyable for me lately :)

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