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    Bulletstorm - PS3 (PSN+ freebie)
    + Fun
    + Nice gimmick
    + reasonable visuals

    - standard rinse repeat FPS gameplay
    - annoying fat necked dude bro protagonist
    - pointless NPC - they seem invincible but have weapons that barely scratch enemies meaning you do all the work and have zero protection.

    6/10 - A fun game which I did enjoy but the plot was weak and I couldn't give a shit about the poorly
    acted characters.


    + Epic
    + Beautiful
    + Inspirational
    + Emotional

    - Short
    - Linear

    9.5 / 10 - So close to a 10 but too linear. If they'd made it more open world with a number of ways of reaching the checkpoints it would feel more like your personal journey.
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