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    + The visuals are great, I really loved the 2.5D silhouette look.
    + Loads of atmosphere, with decent voice acting during gameplay.
    + Platforming was (for the most part) pretty good.
    + Combat felt satisfying, though you still need to avoid groups of enemies.
    + It was pretty much the right length for me. The ending was a little sudden, but I think if it was much onger it would soon get a bit tiring.

    - Whilst I enjoyed the comic style cutscenes, the voice acting in them is pretty bad and give the cutscenes a completely different tone to the rest of the game.
    - Why didn't they do more with the distraction mechanic?
    - A few instances of unfair deaths. Like covering a pool of water with the subtitles so I can't see it.
    - Precision platforming required near the end with controls that occasionally have a mind of their own.
    - Overall a bit unpolished. I had a few glitches when I played including a message stating my game profile wasn't valid popping up on half a dozen occasions.

    I can see why a lot of people wouldn't like this game, but despite the minor annoyances I really enjoyed it. I just wish they'd kept it in development a few months longer.
    It would be on the borderline between a 7 and an 8 for me, but the 1200 point price tag just nudges it to the lower end.

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