#10177262, By Unstable_ISOtope Will we ever get CS: GO?

  • Unstable_ISOtope 22 Feb 2014 22:33:34 4 posts
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    Ah okay. They apparently gimped out on planned features like PS3/PC cross-play too.

    To me CS:GO looks like it was designed for consoles anyway. Graphics are only marginally 'better' than CS:S (but way more chunky looking like a console game), and the HUD/Crosshair/Menus all scream console. Strange that the console versions seem so dead then? Lol @ how it was allowed on US PS Store but not EU.

    I'm sort of sad that CS:GO is getting so successful on PC because I don't really see any pro CS:S tournaments taking place anymore. As soon as I get a new PC I've got to play that game again (good memories).
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