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    Sharzam wrote:
    I have Xenoblade sitting on a shelf unplayed. For some reason only played 2 hours then got distracted by other games. I am guessing I need to say right only playing xenoblade and nothing else to actually get into it.

    How long would it take to get into it though, that is the question.
    A couple of hours I'd guess.
    At first it all feels a bit 'same old same old' and the combat system appears to be ridiculous. When you get to walk around you should be getting drawn in by the incredible size of pretty much everything and as time passes you get to know and like the characters while you notice that combat gets more and more complex to the point where you are actually glad that the game was a bit handholdy at first.

    It would be perfect for a relaxed gamenight, that way you will have enough time to get into the grove of the game but you will be risking Why-is-it-4am?!-syndrome.
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