#10081917, By Segnit A husband murdered another man who allegedly had extramarital affair with his wife.

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    He would have walked free, were he in France.
    There's a thread for this shit already though.
    Is there any particular law there that gives amnesty on murder for those who've been cheated against? Sounds hard to imagine.

    When these things happen I'm sure the relationship was dead anyway. You can't have an affair if you're in a happy relationship, right?
    Well it's certainly very possible that he was a horrible husband and would threaten her every time she tried to instigate a formal divorce. That would certainly clear up a lot of things.

    But in the absence of more facts, there is another way of looking at this. That the level of his rage could match the level of his surprise, shock and horror.

    Obviously an affair isn't the answer to an unhappy relationship, but the killing is not necessary in the slightest.
    I definitely agree that it isn't necessary but it can be a solution. Not one you or I might take, and not a particularly good one but it's something that people do. On the other extreme, the victims of cheating might take their own life... maybe as a rash decision or maybe after years of depression and being unable to cope.

    Personally though, I've never understood the mentality of taking your rage out on the third party.
    This could indicate that she might have been deeply in love with the man that she allegedly had an affair with. This could've been the husband's way of making her suffer. Killing the 3rd guy isn't right under any circumstance but the fact that he went could be telling.

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