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    So japan doesn't get the PS4 until next year?
    That surprised me as well: apparently they're receiving it in February.

    Explaining the decision, senior Sony executives told Eurogamer at the Tokyo Game Show that February was chosen because that's when Sony expects more games to be ready for its home market.

    "Sony just wants to make sure that when PlayStation 4 launches in Japan there is a good line-up of titles for Japan," the console's lead architect and Knack creative director Mark Cerny said.

    "Perhaps you could say that a few western developers have been more aggressive in readying titles for the hardware."
    Real answer "We didnt want to give Microsoft a head start in countries where they stood a chance, and besides, we can work out all our launch-period fuck-ups at the expense of other countries then have a majestically smooth launch on our home turf."
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