#10028214, By ubergine Where next for Nintendo?

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    midi82 wrote:
    In some ways it may be better if Wii U never picks up at all, if that happens Nintendo will have to do something different. .
    Console makers seems to do their best work when on the back foot. I think GCN would have sold much better if the unit had LOOKED like the Wii instead of a weird candy box. I thought the GCN was wonderfully engineered myself but Apple and Wii showed that to reach most people, clean sharp and bland is the best option.

    Sony are responding well to getting smashed down a peg over PS3, and I would argue that 360 was a great response to Microsoft's round beating on their first attempt. Apart from the RROD thing, which I always imagined as being some marketing asshole overriding the engineering department and hilariously rendering Xbox Division unprofitable for a further ten years.

    Really, I don't expect Xbox has so far made any profit for Microsoft. They've clearly invested a great deal into it and the infrastructure that now binds several service products together, but their misteps with X1 really raise the question of whether they can make that bear fruit after all.


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