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    I'm going to try and list from memory the GCN games that I had and care to remember, then the Wii ones.

    Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem
    Wind Waker
    Metroid Prime
    Metroid Prime 2
    F-Zero GX
    007 Nightfire
    Star Wars Rogue Leader
    Resident Evil Remake
    Resident Evil 4
    Mario Sunshine
    Burnout 2
    (Burnout 3 was never released on GCN sadly, due to lack of online capability according to EA)
    Mario Kart DD
    Luigi's Mansion
    Animal Crossing

    There would have been other games for GCN that are slipping my mind, but I'd guess these were the most impactful, especially for replay value. Eternal Darkness was great and specifically designed to be replayed 3 or 4 times as I recall, RE4 was brilliant and also replayed that probably ten times over the years, Wind Waker several times, I must have lived in the Metroid games and games like Rogue Leader, Burnout 2 etc had so much replay value in them just to do unlocks, earn medals etc let alone just for being great games.

    Excite Truck - quite decent Burnout-eqsue racer with great terrain deformation gimmick, which warranted a direct sequel and evolution, not what was actually released.
    Mario Galaxy - great, but I never replayed it after finishing or completed all the levels/challenges.
    Twilight Princess - good but lacked replay value or the delight of Wind Waker
    Skyward Sword - I found I didn't care and didn't get very far into it.
    Mario Kart - a piece of shit.
    Metroid Prime 3 - Great controls I thought, crappy game compared to MP1 and 2. Boss fights were embarrasing "shoot the very simplistic target" arse. No replay value.
    Resident Evil 4 remake - the best thing on Wii was a GCN port. Played it over and over. Would eventually buy it on 360 and play it at least 2 more times.
    Wii Fit - interesting tech demo, good for 5 minutes but a compelling 5 minutes.

    There were games on Wii I am reliably told are good games, but it just failed to capture me. With Wii and DS Nintendo managed to come up with a number of "oh! I have to try that!" games and applications, and try them I did (Nintendogs, Electroplankton, Brain Training on DS, Wii Sports and Wii Fit on Wii) but on Wii they failed to also deliver what I would have expected from the GCN years. Having no Eternal Darkness, Rogue Squadron and F-Zero follow-ups was just appalling.
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