#10024072, By ubergine Where next for Nintendo?

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    I'd probably rather see Nintendo focus on handheld hardware
    that is "back to basics" - focused and simple without empty weird gimmicks - and develop their console IP for other platforms. They provably won't though, they LOVE the profitability and control of being the platform holder, and only a total string of disasters would probably shake them from that.

    I have put this forward before, but I also think they are smothered by Miyamoto and entrenched creators. SM invented I think Donkey Kong, Mario and Zelda, but I don't think he made F-Zero, Metroid and a number of other IP that I find to be fundamentally Nintendo. athey are too much like Activision, who killed off all their products except the three that made billions, CoD, WoW and Guitar Hero - now dead. Nintendo just pump out remixes (excellent or not) of Miyamoto's 1980's hits and just haven't been dedicated enough to the breadth of the platform's content since GameCube. It's such a pity GameCube wasn't cool-looking-enough, as it had such a great software lineup and my favourite controller design.

    I bought into Wii as the Remote is a genuine stroke of genius, but their refusal - Miyamoto's refusal? - to produce the breadth of existing IPs that GCN had while nor any new IP other than ultra-simple games and apps (Wii Sports Waggle Demo, Fitness App, Music App, Simple Education App). No F-Zero, didn't bother improving old games for download, no new teams making new IPs.

    Minish Cap (Capcom) and F-Zero GX (Sega) were great games, I'm always stunned by the graphics in GX when I see it, great track design. Yet I read an interview with Miyamoto not long ago where he said there hadn't been a new one in ten years because he personally hasn't thought of a gimmick for it. Gotta have a gimmick. Two riders per cart, hang gliders, FLUDD. Here's news - the gimmick in F-Zero is you're driving a fucking spaceship on an anti-gravity highway above amazing vistas with scores of opponents.


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