#10008508, By Nasty Scotland's manifesto for independence

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    I've yet to meet someone who doesn't know how theyll vote. Everyone seems to be in the firmly Yes and No camp and can be quite militant about both.

    I do feel sorry for those waiting for 'the facts' as every report on it is sponsored by one side or the other.

    Salmond has never really painted himself as some kind of King imo. His opponents put him forward as that but to be honest all I see is chubby, slightly smarmy bloke who despite some cringeworthy optimism has had and has stuck to the same principles over his entire political career. Admirable, but not enough to win a yes vote from those who just flat out don't like him.

    I'm all for independence but suspect it will be a No because the Yes campaign failed to put forward a head of campaign who didn't polarise opinion so much and in some cases have had to compromise so much on their initial plans (often due to Westminster/EU not willing to entertain discussions until the country actually voted Yes) that the actual case for independence has become wooly and incomplete.
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