#9972771, By Doomspoon Modern trends you don't like in gaming

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    Another one for me, a product of online gaming, bad attitudes and obnoxious behaviour being acceptable. American bias may call it "smack talk", I'll just stick to the traditional "being a wanker".

    I loathe that "rape/raping/raped" are common parlance for gamers, it's vile. I found it genuinely saddening to hear a couple of kids 6 or less in the local park playing and the boy saying to the girl "I totally raped you at that". Just so wrong.

    I just hate gamer terms in general. "Owning/pwning", "n00b/nub" whatever. Fuck off.

    In my time I've been a bad loser and a worse winner. My friends and family made it clear in no uncertain terms that I was being a tosser, even then I never felt any need to start throwing it around the internet at random strangers.

    Hearing friends use the previously mentioned terms has just made my skin crawl, I've never felt I need to speak in that way and how my friends in their late 30s or older that do so are able to without thinking they're coming across as massive dickheads is beyond me.
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