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    Why so aggressive?

    Anyway, the gameplay is repetitive and it can be too easy to kill enemies. But I think where the game has potential is in combining and tweaking powers and items. It might help to think of it as a game where you're creating an machine that happens to kill monsters, rather than controlling a guy that does the same thing.

    I play a barbarian. I understand the best build is to focus on strength and health. That's the typical barbarian machine. But that doesn't interest me. So my guy is comparatively weak has low health, but he uses weapons that hit fast, have a higher chance of crit damage and his active and passive powers are chosen to support that.

    I was wondering if I could have a barbarian that does piddly damage, but huge health and dodges almost all attacks. So he'd be like a tank with a pea shooter.

    Neither build is efficient, but I'm interested in building a machine rather than just killing monsters.

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