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    greg_wha wrote:
    I'm still less than 50% on the main game so online will have to wait a few weeks anyway but, how has it coped this weekend?

    Well everyone here seems to be getting on fine, but I spend Friday and Saturday evening trying to connect and failing. Of the few times I managed to get into the online world I would get booted as soon as I tried to start a mission (with some bullshit thing about being 'kicked by other players'). I was trying on and off from about 8pm onwards, seem to seize up completely at around 11-12.

    The most annoying part is when you get an error message that says "press A to continue" and the 'A' button does fuck all, so you have to quit to dashboard. The single player game seems to load up much faster these days though.

    I wouldn't mind so much as I am still working my way through the single player, but I actually bought this at price gouging prices so that for once I could keep pace with everyone else in an online game. The fact I'm still level 4 says that plan is fucked.

    Hope Rockstar fuck up again and restart everyone at level 1, you cunts.

    /not bitter.

    Samantha Janus?

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