#10019468, By MetalDog Return of the Revenge of NaNoWriMo '13

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    Leftovers 016

    Dickhead is one word, most often. Looks strangely more vulgar split into two.

    As laurel and hardyesque as the glue slap slap patch is, it would be a wonderfully suffocating attack. I really like this, I'm a big fan of improvised weapons in fights scenes and I might be *heavily inspired* by it in a future fight scene of my own =D

    Setting someone on fire is a pretty heavy-duty way to kill them. Man, I got upset the first time I saw a sim go up in a housefire.

    Hmm. Major loss of sympathy for Lane here. Torching a dude was really quite bad. Rage torturing a prisoner is almost as bad, the combination makes me think she'll deserve whatever hurt is coming her way in future.

    This may be what you intend, but consider it a heads up if it's not!

    Have to wonder what those guys were doing near that temple. Probably nothing good.

    -- boobs do nothing for me, I want moustaches and chest hair.

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