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  • Deleted user 16 September 2013 09:49:19
    In less than a week, (on September 22nd to be precise), Germany goes to the polls, in what, arguably, could be the most important European election of the decade.

    So let us see what visions the political parties have:

    Tiny Utopias: German Parties Create Mini Fantasy Worlds

    Because of the way Germany's electoral system works, parties can rarely realize their political visions without having to make concessions to at least one coalition partner. But recently, Miniatur Wonderland, a Hamburg miniature railway museum, gave the country's main political players the opportunity to create their very own model of a perfect Germany in the run-up to the election....

    Having invested a total of 4,000 hours into the project, the parties created models that mirrored their own specific policies. The Christian Democrats' heavily featured the European Union flag and a black policeman guiding children and elderly people across a road suggested successful integration. The CSU, meanwhile, pictured a return to traditional Bavarian ideals, with miniature Germans enjoying the region's annual Maypole festival.

    The business-friendly FDP -- currently still in a coalition with the CDU -- envisioned a debt-free Germany, symbolized by a giant zero in the middle of a bustling market square.....

    Taking a more abstract approach, the SPD's miniature utopia featured a series of model citizens building a bridge to close the gap between "education" and "equal opportunities."...

    Elsewhere, the Green Party -- which has recently been dwindling at the polls -- showed its commitment to sustainable energy and agriculture. The party also turned the challenge on its head by including a dilapidated headquarters of the right-wing extremist National Democrats (NPD). An elderly lady, among others, was shown engaging in what looks like a violent confrontation outside the NPD building.
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