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    Armoured_Bear wrote:
    I know it was crap for the first year or two but it only getting good last year is a massive exagerration.
    Fair point - perhaps it has been good for longer. As I said, I ditched the home consoles as my gaming platforms of choice a couple of years back so I dunno. But up until that point the PS3 was a massive disappointment with the odd truly amazing gem (Flower, Journey, Uncharted 2, etc. etc.) to keep it relevant.

    The 360 was a balls to the wall barnstormer of a console right from the start. Whether it's your thang or no, it nailed the online aspect. It nailed gaming with your real and online buddies. It nailed achievements and all that shit. Add it all up, and it shows a console that had the right idea from the off.

    Ironically it them proceeded to shit itself in its dotage, while the PS3 got its shit together.

    PS3 patching is bollocks. Adding in trophies down the line was bollocks. PSN outage was bollocks. Piss poor ports for three or four years (and still getting short shrift on some games even now) is bollocks.

    Aside from the RROD (which never cost me a penny) and the fucking stupid dashboard evolution the 360 was astonishing.

    Bah. Opinions, eh? Who'd 'ave 'em!
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