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    Blu-ray to Galaxy S4 - Rip Blu-ray (BD ISO) to Galaxy S4 for playing

    Description: Want to know how to rip and put Blu-ray (iso) movies to Galaxy S4? You can find the solution here. The article will give you instructions about ripping Blu-ray/Blu-ray ISO to Galaxy S4 with best Blu-ray to Galaxy S4 Ripper.

    [I]Original from: http://best-tablet-converter.com/2013/08/08/rip-copy-blu-ray-to-galaxy-s4/[/I]

    How to protect your Blu-ray discs from been ruined? There is an easy way that is to make a digital version of your large blu-ray collection, which takes little space and is easy to preserve. You can put them to hard drives to create a standalone digital movie collection and enjoy whatever movie you have with media player in your home theater. Or you can bring backup with you on trip and vacation so that you can watch Blu-ray movies on any tablet or smartphone. There are various portable devices you can choose for playback. Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular smartphones and its 5.0-inch 1080P touchscreen and the build-in 16G/32G storage make it a powerful media center for your favorite blu-ray movies.

    Here I will show you how to rip blu-ray on Samsung Galaxy S4. In this case Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is a great helper.

    Top 5 Best Blu-ray Ripping Programs Review

    Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is very popular software for ripping and converting both Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray ISO files and DVDs due to its ease of use, the support service and very affordable price. Blu-ray discs with copyright protection, 3D/2D Blu-ray discs also can be handled. "Copy the entire disc" can 1:1 copy BD/DVD Disc content to local computer or external hard drive in original file structure with all subtitle tracks and audio streams preserved. Moreover, it is capable of converting Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray ISO files to various formats for almost any devices.

    [I]P.S. If you are a Mac user, go to get Blu-ray to Galaxy S4 Ripper for Mac.[/I]

    Free download it now. Once having installed it, follow below instructions to rip Blu-ray(ISO) to Galaxy S4.

    Step 1. Load Blu-ray to the Best Blu-ray to Galaxy S4 Ripper.

    You are allowed to load Blu-ray discs, load Blu-ray ISO files or load from blu-ray folder.

    Step 2. Select video format for Galaxy S4.

    Click "Format" menu to choose the output format. Here you can choose "Samsung Galaxy S III Video (*.mp4)", which is made for Galaxy S3 but also works for Galaxy S4, under "Samsung" option

    Step 3. Set parameters for output video.

    Click "Settings" to adjust the parameters including size, bitrate, frame rate, etc according to your own need. Then you can save it as your customized option with the new name made by yourself. The new option will locate in "Custom" under "Format" menu.

    Tips: If you are not good at settings or have no idea about it, it is ok to keep the default settings for output video. The default settings are able to provide an output video with high quality.

    Step 4. Convert Blu-ray to Galaxy S4.

    Click big "Convert" button to start ripping Blu-ray to MP4 for Galaxy S4 and then click "Open" button to get generated videos for Galaxy S4 when completed.

    Also read my old post: How to transfer video files to Galaxy S4?

    Tips: It supports CUDA Acceleration, which will contribute to speed up the conversion. Find "Option" button on the interface to get "Acceleration" option, then Enable GPU Acceleration to get a faster conversion.

    It is so easy to enjoy blu-ray on your Galaxy S4 with the help of Blu-ray Ripper, right? Sometime you may have more demand for output videos, like preserving the multiple audio and subtitle tracks from original blu-ray discs. You are so lucky that we released a new Pavtube DVDfab vs ByteCopy) recently. It combines all the features in Blu-ray Ripper including Directly Copy, and what’s more, it supports saving lossless MKV videos with multiple audio tracks and subtitle streams and encoded MP4 and MOV with multiple audio tracks under "Multi-track Video" catalogue. With it you are able to enjoy converted blu-ray movies with all audio tracks from discs.

    How to retain multi tracks when backing up Blu-ray Disc to MKV/MP4/MOV?

    Mac user can get ByteCopy for Mac here. Have a try now!

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