#9723410, By Syrette Most well-written games ever?

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    Derblington wrote:
    I would argue that "written" is the wrong term. Storytelling in games is more than just the writing, as per film.

    In terms of storytelling, we have some amazing examples, such as Journey. The gameplay limitations and art are focused to support the direction, and results in an emotion from the player that is unique within the medium. The Last of Us uses cinematic techniques (character performances, direction, camera angles) along with the written script to do the same. GTAs are written brilliantly, for the most part. WoW too, if you take the time to read and experience the story - though its hard when you have so many pelts to harvest.

    Even badly written games can be successful in their narration, providing the pieces all fall into place, and vice versa.
    I'm not against a mod changing the thread title to "best examples of storytelling in games", or something.

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